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Impact Of Social Media On The Peace Process

As the years go on we see that social media is becoming a bigger influence on political activity. Most recently we can point to the recent Arab spring uprising that many scholars attribute to being spurred on by social media. With more and more political movements starting to utilize social media to organize their efforts, it has no doubt impacted the cause of peace, or lack thereof, around the world.
In 2012 most recently the peace process has been disrupted most notably by the Libya scandal in Benghazi. We see that the controversy over a anti Islam YouTube video was initially to blame for the killing of 4 Americans including the US Ambassador to Libya, even though security cameras ended up showing otherwise. The viral nature of social media allows information as well as propaganda to spread like wildfire. Whether or not that is a good thing only time will tell.
The problem with social media and the peace process is that anyone has access to it and anyone can manipulate it. Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are all powerful mediums in which grass root campaigns can quickly spiral into bloody uprisings. Anybody can now create a movement online that could spread to millions of followers in a relatively short time, something that was not possible only 10 years ago. Further problematic is the fact that anyone can manipulate these mediums to create authority where they should not be. For example it is very easy to buy YouTube views or Facebook Likes to appear more authoritative than one really is. And all it takes is an initial spark before a movement snowballs and eventually turns into a regional conflict.
There has been some talks to regulate these platforms and some countries have even banned such use. However there seems to be no doubt that in the next decade we will see that these social medium platforms become more and more integral in political movements that will change the world. Hopefully these changes do more good then harm, however we will have to wait and see to find out.

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History Of The Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the 5 prizes created by Alfred Nobel. It is granted every year along with prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and Literature. The award is typically awarded anually and has been done so since 1901. People from all walks of life are honored including anyone from Virginia beach locksmiths to advanced life support innovators. Alfred Nobel by decree has a 5 member committee selected by the Norwegian Nobel Committee appointed by the Norway Parliament. It is awarded every year on December 10th in Oslo City Hall.
The winner of the award is said to be the person that has done the most good or fraternity work between nations. These can involve anything from reducing conflict as well as anything that helps the cause of peace. It is also often one of the most controversial awards given out as it is usually quite loaded with political clout.

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